BBS USB Flash Drive: 423 Audio Messages



This 8GB USB flash drive from the Berean Bible Society contains 423 full-length Bible study messages delivered by the following pastors: J.C. O’Hair, C.R. Stam, Paul M. Sadler, Kevin Sadler, and Ricky Kurth.

The MP3 files on the USB drive can be played from a standard USB port on most electronic devices, and even through the sound systems of many newer cars!

Take the audio messages with you by transferring them to your phone or other device for easy access and playback. Also, use the USB drive to store all your BBS downloads in one place.

Note: To connect the USB drive to most phones and tablets, use a USB to micro USB adapter that is compatible with your device.


Series and Individual Messages:

CR Stam: 1 Corinthians, 2 Timothy, Ephesians, Metaphors of Paul, Pauline Apostleship, Rapture, Sermon on the Mount, True Spirituality

JC O’Hair: 26 Sermons, 36 “The Radio Years” Messages (many topics), photo of JC O’Hair

Kevin Sadler: The End Times, Grace, Infinite God, Joseph, Marriage, Salvation, Spiritual Battles

Paul M. Sadler: Acts Dispensationally Considered, Christ and Him Crucified, Christ and the Mystery, Delivered from the Wrath to Come, Future Comings of Christ, 22 Individual Messages, Is There a Literal Hell, The Seven Pauline Mysteries, Understanding Dispensationalism, Where Is God When I’m Hurting, Video of Key to Understanding the Scriptures

Ricky Kurth: Ezra, Philemon, Philippians


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