Book Set: Revelation, Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4



This is the complete set of commentaries on the Book of Revelation. 

Revelation, Volume 1, is a hardcover 208-page commentary, written by Pastor Paul M. Sadler and covers Revelation 1:1 through 6:17.

The world has always had an insatiable desire to know the future.  We are thankful that God has hidden all future events from mankind, except for those He has chosen to reveal to us concerning things to come, which are spiritually discerned.  The purpose of this volume is to dispel the notion that the Church, the Body of Christ is the subject of the first four chapters of the Book of Revelation.  With God’s help, this book presents a birds-eye view of what lies ahead!

Revelation, Volume 2, is a hardcover 228-page commentary, written by Pastor Paul M. Sadler and covers Revelation 7:1 through 13:18.

In this volume, we enter into an analysis of the mid-part of the Tribulation, called the Great Tribulation.  My research has left me with a heavy heart for those who will be left behind after the Rapture of the Church.  May we all have more of a burden for the lost, to bring them to Christ before it is too late.  There are also numerous practical applications throughout the writing to help you live a more productive life for Christ.

 Revelation, Volume 3, is a hardcover 228-page commentary, written by Pastor Paul M. Sadler and covers Revelation 14:1 through 19:21.

In this third volume, we transition from Revelation Chapter 13 to Chapter 14, the scene shifts dramatically from the Antichrist, who claims to be the Messiah, to the Lamb of God, Who is the true Christ.  Before we can effectively warn men of things to come, we ourselves must first be equipped with a better understanding of God’s Word rightly divided, and have a greater burden to share the gospel with the unbelieving.

Revelation, Volume 4, is a hardcover 250-page Commentary, written by Pastor Kevin J. Sadler and Pastor Paul M. Sadler, and covers Revelation 20:1 through 22:21.

In this fourth and final volume, we explore God’s great love and grace in creating such a magnificent dwelling place for His bride, Israel, in the new Jerusalem.  The revolt by unbelievers at the close of the Millennium teaches us about the incorrigible blindness and wickedness of man’s heart.  And the judgment of all the lost of all times at the Great White Throne is a ready reminder for believers to be faithful in sharing the gospel of the grace of God.

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