Booklet: Are the Pentecostal Signs Being Restored?


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To answer the question, “Are the Pentecostal signs being restored?” the author writes:

“With convincing ‘signs and wonders’ being wrought all about us in increasing numbers, some are being carried away from the truths so clearly set forth for our day in the epistles of Paul.

Some have concluded from these ‘supernatural manifestations’ that toward the close of this present dispensation we may expect a revival of the divine gifts of tongues, healing, etc.

As to healing, may we first point out that no instructed believer in Pauline truth questions that God can and often does heal the sick and infirm as, for example, in the case of Epaphroditus (Phil. 2:25-27). We believe too that God is constantly working miracles. But we deny that healers and miracle workers, or that signs and miraculous demonstrations, have any part in God’s program for today.”

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