Booklet: Continue Thou


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CONTINUE THOU: The Challenge of Our Times

The author begins, ” ‘But continue thou…’ –2 Timothy 3:14  Those were among the last words of the great Apostle Paul, written in view of his approaching martyrdom, to Timothy, his beloved son in the faith.” The writer goes on to say, “Circumstances, outwardly, were anything but encouraging. It seemed that the last days of the dispensation of grace were indeed at hand.” So, too, in our day, it seems that these are the perilous times that the Apostle Paul said, by inspiration of God, would come. Like Timothy, we believers are exhorted to continue proclaiming the gospel of the grace of God.

The booklet outlines both the positive and negative aspects of the message revealed to Paul, and it concludes with encouragement, by describing the good soldier of Jesus Christ. In closing, the author writes, “As the days grow darker, may God help us indeed to be competent “workmen,” faithful “stewards,” able “ambassadors,” and “good soldiers.”

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