DVD: Transformed by Grace – Series: Scenes from the Final Act



Series of 10 DVDs (One episode per DVD)

Transformed by Grace is the TV program ministry of the Berean Bible Society. In this 30-minute program Pastor Kevin Sadler, President of BBS, gives clear and practical teaching from the Word of God, in light of the gospel of the grace of God for today, which was committed to the Apostle Paul.

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This series, “Scenes from the Final Act” includes these episodes:

207 Part 1-The Devils Days are Numbered
208 Part 2-Resurrected Reigning Saints
209 Part 3-The Battle to End all Battles
210 Part 4-The Final Judgment
211 Part 5-The Final Judgment-No More!
212 Part 6-True And Faithful Words
213 Part 7-The City of Glory
214 Part 8-The City of Gold
215 Part 9-The City of Light
216 Part 10-The City of Life

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