Hardcover: Acts — Dispensationally Considered — Volume 1


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Acts, Dispensationally Considered, Volume 1, is a hardcover 560-page Commentary, written by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam and covers Acts 1:1 through 15:35.

Acts is the most fascinating book of the Bible, and at the same time the most important key to the understanding of God’s dealings with man today.  It is impossible to rightly divide the Word of truth without an understanding of the Book of Acts, and the confusion in the Church today is matched exactly by her confusion over this book.  Acts is most thrilling to study, when “dispensationally considered.”

With Scripture Index

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The current Acts Volume 1 is a reproduction of the original Acts Volumes I and II that were editions in a four-volume set.

A free Spanish translation of this book is available on our Spanish Resources page.


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