Paperback: Foundational Truths


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Foundational Truths is a 144-page paperback book, written by Pastor John Fredericksen.

In Matthew 7:24-27, the Savior gave an illustration about building a house upon a rock and building one on sand. The one built upon a rock was able to withstand floods and fierce winds, but the one built upon sand fell when the floods and storms came. The point was that a strong foundation is needed in the physical realm for a house to survive. In the spiritual realm, a strong foundation is just as crucial if one is to survive the fierce winds of trials in life and the flood of confusing doctrine that will surely come to try our souls.

The chapters in Foundational Truths were written for the purpose of equipping believers with a strong biblical and spiritual foundation. Early chapters dig the footers our spiritual building with basic but important information about the Christian’s identity in Christ, being completely forgiven, and learning how to deal with sin after salvation. We then move on to the integrity of our Bible and how to study it. Successive chapters pour the concrete of identifying important divisions in the Scriptures. Then, like adding layers of brick to a building, further chapters document important distinctions between God’s dealings with Israel in contrast with how He deals with us today in the Dispensation of Grace. Like windows in a building, subsequent chapters then move on to shed light on different gospel messages in Scripture, and how prayer works today. Final chapters on the church become the roof on our spiritual building. All of this is firmly held together with the rebar and mortar of understanding God’s Word rightly divided.

These lessons were originally written and taught by the author in churches where he has pastored over thirty years. The content purposely contains some repetition because we found this helped those new to these truths to better remember what they were learning. Several chapters are also presented in a chart format to better see at a glance an overview of a specific subject.

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