Paperback: Paul — His Apostleship and Message


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Paul, His Apostleship and Message, is a 220-page paperback book, written by Pastor Cornelius R. Stam.

The significance of Paul’s place in history and in the program of God has been all but lost sight of by the Church.  As a result he is considered, as merely “an apostle” along with the twelve.  Yet he was chosen entirely apart from the twelve, far from Jerusalem, out on Gentile territory.  In Paul we learn what the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished at Calvary, for Paul was, as he himself testifies, the chief of sinners, saved by the infinite grace of God.  In light of all this, God must have had some very special purpose in saving him.  This is what this volume is really about.  It is written to demonstrate from the Scriptures that God raised up Paul to be both the herald and the living demonstration of His grace to a doomed world.

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