Paperback: Real Baptism



It is doubtless a great surprise to the many who have never taken time to study this subject to discover that there are at least 12 different kinds of baptism referred to in the New Testament, and that of the twelve only five have any connection with a water ceremony. It is the plan of this study to take up these 12 kinds of baptism:

  1. Christ Baptizing with the Holy Spirit
  2. The Holy Spirit Baptizing into the Body of Christ
  3. Death Baptism
  4. The Baptism of Fire
  5. The Typical Baptism of Noah’s Ark
  6. Baptism for the Dead
  7. Baptism into Moses
  8. The Divers Baptisms of the Law
  9. Traditional Jewish Baptisms
  10. John’s Baptism of Israel for the Remission of Sins
  11. Christ’s Baptism by John to Fulfill All Righteousness
  12. The Pentecostal Baptism for the Remission of Sins

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