Growing Up In Grace: Bible Doctrine – Book 3


The reformatted and revised book or CD-ROM is available now!

Teacher’s Manual for the Junior Level (Ages: 9-11)

Bible Doctrine books provide brief studies of basic Bible teaching from a dispensational view of the Bible. Not only are key truths of Biblical Christianity presented but also those teachings that apply specifically to believers during the age of grace.

Every lesson devotes time for Bible reading and memorization for students, object lessons, review games, and practical application of Biblical truth. Every lesson ends with a presentation of the Gospel and encouragement for students to study and apply the instruction they’ve received from God’s Word.

Each of the thirteen lessons contains:

  • Teacher’s outline
  • Memory verses (KJV)
  • Review questions and games
  • Object lessons
  • Reproducible student page
  • Color visuals
  • Encouragement
  • Application
  • Gospel presentation

Available in two formats:

  • CD-ROM with lessons in PDF format*
  • Spiral-bound paperback

* Teachers can print the lessons from the CD for classroom use.

Lesson 27: Peace: Walk

Lesson 28: Local Church/Fellowship: Service

Lesson 29: Walk Worthy

Lesson 30: Suffering for Christ

Lesson 31: Giving

Lesson 32: Witnessing/Ambassador

Lesson 33: Faithfulness

Lesson 34: Rapture: Things to Come

Lesson 35: Second Coming

Lesson 36: Tribulation

Lesson 37: Kingdom

Lesson 38: Comparing Judgments

Lesson 39: Comparing Promises

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