Growing Up In Grace: Bible Events – Book 1


Teacher’s Manual for the Junior Level (Ages 9-11)

Topics: Before Creation – Exodus from Egypt

In this book, students will discover God’s plan for mankind as they study the real-life events recorded in Genesis and Exodus. The lessons in this teacher’s manual show how God demonstrated His power, extended His mercy, judged unbelief, and blessed those who believed and obeyed Him. These examples in Scripture are given for our learning. Each lesson encourages students to understand God’s character and the way He deals with mankind according to His plan, as the course of events unfold. The teaching emphasizes God’s two-fold purpose and applying principles from the Word of God, as it is rightly divided.

Every lesson devotes time for Bible reading and memorization for students, object lessons, review games, and practical application of Biblical truth. Every lesson ends with a presentation of the Gospel and encouragement for students to study and apply the instruction they’ve received from God’s Word.

Each of the thirteen lessons contains:

  • Teacher’s outline
  • Memory verses (KJV)
  • Review questions and games
  • Object lessons
  • Reproducible student page
  • Color visuals
  • Encouragement
  • Application
  • Gospel presentation

Available in two formats:

  • Printed Book in spiral-bound paperback (232 pgs.)
  • CD-ROM with lessons in PDF format*

* Teachers can print the lessons from the CD for classroom use.


Lesson 1: Pre-creation: Who Is God and What Is He Up To?
Topic: God’s plan for Creation, Earth, and Heaven

Lesson 2: The Creation: What Happens When God Speaks?
Topic: The Days of Creation
Scripture: Genesis 1:1-2:2

Lesson 3: Satan Sins: Does God Have An Enemy?
Topic: The Enemy, Satan

Lesson 4: Man’s Fall: Where Did Sin Come From?
Topic: Adam & Eve Sinned  Scripture:
Genesis 3:1-5

Lesson 5: The Flood: Safe Inside?
Topic: The Worldwide Flood
Scripture: Genesis 6:5-7:16, 9:13

Lesson 6: The Tower of Babel: My Way or God’s Way?
Scripture: Genesis 11:1-25

Lesson 7: Abraham’s Call: What Happens When God Calls?
Scripture: Genesis 12:1-7; 15:1-6

Lesson 8: The Sacrifice of Isaac: How Do We Obey God?
Topic: Abraham Obeys God
Scripture: Genesis 17 & 22

Lesson 9: The Children of Jacob: What Happens When We Mess Up?
Topic: Jacob Wrestles
Scripture: Genesis 32

Lesson 10: The Exodus: What Is the Passover?
Topic: Israel and the Passover
Scripture: Exodus 1:1-7; 3:6-5:2; 12:13

Lesson 11: The Parting of the Red Sea: Lord, Is There Anything Too Hard For You?
Topic: God Delivers Israel from Egypt
Scripture: Exodus 14:12-31

Lesson 12: The Giving of the Law: Do or Done?
Topic: God Gives His Law
Scripture: Exodus 19 & 20

Lesson 13: The Tabernacle: Where Does God Live?
Scripture: Exodus 25:1-8

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