Growing Up In Grace: Bible Events – Books 1, 2, and 3 Set


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This set contains three teacher’s manuals for the junior level (Ages 9-11), and it covers selected events from Genesis through Revelation.

Bible Events Book 1: Before Creation – Exodus from Egypt

Bible Events Book 2: Wandering in the Wilderness – Stoning of Stephen

Bible Events Book 3: The Salvation of Saul – Christ’s Reign on Earth

Every lesson devotes time for Bible reading and memorization for students, object lessons, review games, and practical application of Biblical truth. Every lesson ends with a presentation of the Gospel and encouragement for students to study and apply the instruction they’ve received from God’s Word.

Each of the thirteen lessons contains:

  • Teacher’s outline
  • Memory verses (KJV)
  • Review questions and games
  • Object lessons
  • Reproducible student page
  • Color visuals
  • Encouragement
  • Application
  • Gospel presentation

Available in two formats:


  • Printed Book in spiral-bound paperback (appx. 200 pgs. each)
  • CD-ROM with lessons in PDF format*

* Teachers may print the lessons from the CD for classroom use.

View Sample Lesson

View Sample Visual Aids and Game

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